As many of your know, PWA Pro racer Micah Buzianis (ranked 4th in the 2009 PWA Overall Slalom Rankings) was originally scheduled to participate in (and conduct a clinic at) the Kashy Fins Formula Windsurfing Festival 2010. Unfortunately, the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland has affected his travel plans, and he will not be able to make this year's event. He recently sent this message to Dave:

Hello Dave,

Unfortunately I have had to cancel my trip to the Kashy Formula World Cup this year due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the fallout all over Europe.  We had to cancel our JP board testing early this year in Cape Town and then had to move it to Maui.  The plan was for Antoine to be here for the final testing but he is now stuck in Europe and we are uncertain if he will be back here in Maui at all so I have to stay here to get as much time as possible on the new proto boards.  I was really looking forward to this event, I have never been to this part of the country and it would have been great to see Dave's new house and go sailing with him and catch up with old friends.  I am sure the event is going to be a great success and will hopefully gain some momentum and continue again next year.  Good luck to everyone that is lucky enough to make it, I hope you have some good winds and I know that Dave and Melissa will put on some good parties to entertain!!!!!